All we do is Long Term Care

Long Term Care is a unique practice environment requiring full and focused attention on the resident (patient)  and the facility.  Our entire practice is designed for this one purpose.  A smooth operation doesn’t “just happen.”  We understand the environment and we serve it by…

  • Only hiring Doctors, Nurse Practitioners and Physician’s Assistants who have significant clinical experience, with a focus on the complex elderly patient.
  • We strive to hire providers who have have compassionate bedside manners and are respectful and appreciative of the difficult tasks faced by the Long Term Care Facility’s team.
  • Our providers are continually updated on regulatory issues related to Long Term Care
  • We have 24 hour coverage.  Calls are answered by LPN’s and RN’s who have considerable long term care experience.  From there they are quickly triaged to Doctors and/or Nurse Practitioners and Physician’s assistants when needed.
  • Nearly all of our Nursing homes have Doctors and/or Nurse Practitioners/Physician’s Assistants present in the facility every weekday.

We are a medical provider owned company

A unique feature of Mid-Atlantic Long Term Care is that we are provider owned, meaning the Doctors, Nurse Practitioners and Physician’s Assistants own the company.  There is no investment group, or endless chain of upper level management.  Our owners are all active clinicians in the practice. Our focus is patient care and servicing our facilities.  Each owner, whether doctor or mid-level pays the same percentage of their billing to support administrative, nursing, billing and rent.  Any money left at the end of the year goes right back to the providers.

Our Story

Mid Atlantic Long Term Care  began as a practice in 1998. Since then, our group has grown to over 75 providers serving over 100 facilities  in  Virginia. The rewards and challenges of Long Term Care have led us to the establishment of a collaborative model of practice that blends the best efforts of both Physicians and Nurse Practitioners.

We are committed to providing quality care through our dedication, experience in geriatric care, and passion to service patients in long term care settings throughout the state of Virginia…

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our facilities with medical leadership, providers and support staff who are clinically competent,  cordial and compassionate, fostering a mutually beneficial long term relationship.